Curious about what Erotic Red's models use to collect or soak their flows? Read candid product rants, raves, and reviews in our members area, a sampling of which appear below, illustrated by C. Road.
Washable cotton pads: "Yay !!!! I was so excited when I first found these !!! " -- KoreGoddess
The Diva Cup: "I've heard everyone loves them, but I haven't tried 'em yet!" -- Nikki
Traditional plastic pads: "Pads were all my mom would buy when I lived with her. I hated the huge, thick and long ones. She got whatever was on sale, so I've probably tried just about every brand available in Canada! I don't mind the thin "regular" ones, since my periods are usually fairly light anyhow." -- Crys
Sea sponges: "Oh, sea sponge, how I do adore you. You are so very comfortable, so economical. You create so much less waste, and I'm not supporting a huge male-run corporation when I use you. What did I ever do without you?" -- Liz
The Instead Cup: "I began using these in 2004 when I discovered them on the shelf. I had heard about the Keeper cup and failing to find any in store, I picked up the box. i didn't use it right away since I admit, was a little nervous. But they do serve me well now. The little bit of mess is well as eliminating the blood is well worth the protection that I get for it." -- Roman
Organic tampons: "These seem remarkably similar to the regular disposable tampons to me, except that i have the piece of mind that at least i’m not shoving chemicals up my coochie. however, still hellish compared to the sponges." -- Lucretia
Traditional bleached tampons: "The thought of women sticking bleach, pesticides and fragrance inside their vaginas MORTIFIES me. It's horrifying that period porn is considered obscene in this country but these corporations who have KILLED women with toxic shock syndrome are still in business, peddling their poisonous wares." -- Trixie
The Keeper Cup: "I HEART MY KEEPER!! I have a very public love for my keeper, I tell everyone about it. Its the most wonderful thing invented for a period EVER. (maybe I should work for them?)" -- Fenixx
"Other": "I once ripped a piece of torn cloth off my cut-off jean shorts to use as a pad when I unexpectedly got my period while traveling." -- Libertine

"Free-flowing is definitely my favorite, menstruation can be really fun if you get messy and bloody!" -- Alaika