Location: I'm all over the place! Often to be found in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Nevada.
Email: (members only)
Sites/projects: I don't have any of my own, but I can also be seen on Cyber-Dyke.net on several of their sites, RopeLover.com and InkyGirls.com. I am also in the DVD releases Red Ass Envy, Bip's Smoking Babes 2, and Buck Angel's V for Vagina.
Gender and sexual style: I am pretty free and open about my sexuality. I don't identify a specific way, but if I'm into someone it is regardless of their gender.
I'm passionate about: Art, tattooing, painting, living to the fullest, traveling, FUN!
Why I'm here: This site is different, sexy, and addresses a neglected aspect of womanhood and female sexuality. I like the models on the site, too!