Location: upon the breast of the Mother
Email: (members only)
Site: i’m on furrygirl’s other fantastic site, vegporn.com!
Gender and sexual style: i am female and feminine, at times submissive, at times dominant, at times passive, at times aggressive, but always sensual and wanting.
I'm passionate about: my spirituality (i'm pagan), animal rights, feminism, art, music, and philosophy.
I'm here because: my vagina is angry! it’s pissed! yes, it bleeds. we all bleed. that doesn’t make it disgusting. after all, what could possibly be more erotic than the physical realization on womanhood? i believe that branding menstruation and sex during this taboo time as obscene is one of the most blanketly antifeminist traditions in this country. the only reason to refuse to allow women to simultaneously be sexual and bleed is the same reason we demand that they remove all their pubic hair and shave their legs bare- women are not allowed to have power. We want them to remain eternal girl-children, vulnerable, in need of protection, unable to bleed or grow or realize their own self worth, unable to rise up against those who would oppress them. well i refuse! i am a woman, a whole person, sexual, powerful, complete, and i will not be marginalized! i will not surrender, and i bleed in defiance of their scandalous normality!