Location: Minnesota
Wishlist: www.amazon.com
Also on: vegporn.com and ishotmyself.com
Gender and sexual style: I'm a girl who likes a little bit of everything...
I'm passionate about: Social justice, animal rights, reading, veganism, choice, music, art, poetry, travel, knitting, wine, film, Broadway musicals, environmentalism, truth.
I'm here: I'll never forget the shame I felt about my period when I was younger, the way I was taught that it was dirty and had to be hidden, that it was a secret. I never want another young woman to feel that way, and I think that Erotic Red is a positive step toward erasing the secrecy, and illuminating menstruation as something healthy, natural and beautiful (and sometimes even fun!).

: Minnesota
Also on: vegporn.com
Gender and sexual style: I'm a fella who likes the ladies... or one, anyway.
I'm passionate about: Punk Rock. (Not in a single-minded, narrow kinda
way; it encompasses all aspects of life for me).
I'm here: Liz and I wanted to help with such a great project! (And I got to have sex!).
My thoughts on menstruation and sexuality/sensuality: Despite my somewhat (typically) suppressed upbringing, I discovered early on that there shouldn't really be any difference between, or separation of, the two. One is simply part of the other and shouldn't be discounted because some religious bastards centuries ago decided to repress NATURE. Uh, so there. Bleeding is hot!