Location: ...exactly where I'm supposed to be at this very moment in time.
Email: myjuicycurves {at} hotmail.com
Outside Journal: JuicyCurves
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Site: JuicyCurves ...coming soon to Fuck For Forest (FFF)
Gender and sexual style: Female, Pansexual - personalities and sex itself excites me, not particular body types... but I do think that the general adult human body is sexy in itself.
I'm passionate about: Individuality; Love in every single form; Acceptance; Peace; Expressing yourself and not being afraid to be who you are - true love is acceptance; Appreciating everybody and everything for who and what they are; Loving the world; Exploring the unknown - the things that go beyond us and our understanding and knowledge of the world like what happens after death, where is the life beyond this planet, what can be learned from the Torah codes, ect.
I'm here to express myself and to be who I am and to show that the female body is sexy and sensual all the time. I want to break down taboos - all they are is misunderstandings (open your heart, look through someone elses eyes... we're all the same even in all our differences).