Location: Seattle, WA
Email: webmaster {at} furrygirl.com (let me know which of my sites you're emailing about when you say hi!)
Outside Journal: Feminisnt.com
Wishlist: www.amazon.com
Sites: FurryGirl.com, VegPorn.com, TheSensualVegan.com, Cocksexual.com, and SWAAY.org
Gender and sexual style: I'm a chick who likes a bit of everything. (Pansexual polyamorous switch)
I'm passionate about: The multifaceted world of "sex" and all it entails. Plus, cooking, travel, nature, reading, history, my cat, and bikes.
I'm here: I built Erotic Red because I think period play is fun, and it's just mind-numbing to read about how most pornographers find menstruation "the lowest of the low" and "crossing the line". It's bizarre to see people nod their heads at any amount of violence and degradation that can be hurled at women, but a little red pussy sends them decrying the foulness of it all. Half of why I built this site was to stick my tongue out at such idiocy, half was to show off healthy ladyblood as being sexy and worthy of awe.