Thanks for visiting Erotic Red! Whether you're a dedicated flow fan, just curious, or someone who's simply after porn that's real, there's something here for you. Before we get down to business, there are a few things that must be said about the hot topic of menstruation in pornography.

Women enjoying themselves on their periods are viewed by most pornographers as horrifyingly obscene. Before Erotic Red even opened, other adult industry types were quick to be repulsed at the "entire concept" of the site, and referred to it as "very disturbing", "unacceptable", "offensive", and simply too politically "dangerous". Even well-meaning friends said that we live in too repressive a world to try anything this edgy and different.

Erotic Red stands as an proud outpost of sense and sensuality in a world of internet porn gone terribly boring. We're not here to sell menstruation as a gross-out fetish, but to show that it is a healthy, interesting, and fun part of the lives of all female-bodied folk. We're happy to shake up silly old taboos and encourage every woman to love her body and sexuality- every day of the month.

Erotic Red's models are all passionate about periods and creating fun homemade porn, erotica, rants, journals, and stories to share with a world where positive portrayals of bleedy pussy are nearly unheard of. The site features independent porn created by models of all shapes and styles, with an emphasis on good times for everyone, models and viewers.

So please, browse around - check out Erotic Red's models, the free section, extra features, links, and more info about the site. And then join to support indie porn that defies stereotypes! Plus, Erotic Red donates 5% of your membership fees to a nonprofit sexual health care clinic. How can you top all that?

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